Client Kitchen Updates: Design Plan

For years now my mom has been wanting to change a few things around in her kitchen to brighten it up and make it feel a little bigger. Due to the location of the kitchen, without major renovations, there's really no way to make it bigger or change the cabinet layout. It's a galley style kitchen, and that's how it shall stay.

Her home is very unique & pretty well known in our area. After all, there aren't many pieces of property on 7 acres in the city with horses. The house was built in 1949, but before going up for sale, the previous owners updated it. In my opinion, they chose less than stellar materials and finishes. Luckily my mom has been on a mission to restore her home to fit the original Colonial style, with modern amenities.

Below is a design board I quickly put together to give my mom and her builder an idea of the direction I was suggesting we head in:

She has these jars in red, aqua, and white, and loves the color combination -so that was our starting point.  The existing cabinets are cherry, and while painting them would be the easiest way to brighten the space, we've all decided that's not the best idea for wear-ability.  From there of course I jumped into fabrics. This kitchen has a gigantic window (we're talking 7 feet wide!) over the sink that looks into the backyard at the horses, chickens, and sometimes cows that take up residence behind her house. That was the only opportunity to add in some great color and pattern, so I ran with it.

For a classic element, we chose a subway tile back splash - white, with soft gray grout. The current back splash is a 3" extension of the dark taupe Corian counter tops, and painted above that. Pretty blah.

The counter tops will change to a quartz that is reminiscent of granite. After using quartz in our half-bathroom, I recommend it to everyone! No maintenance and a great look. One of my favorite additions to this kitchen is the white farmhouse sink that will be under-mounted into the quartz. A bright chrome bridge style faucet will be installed for a little glitz along with a hot water tap and a garbage disposal button for a clean look.

The current hardware is a rustic brown (not even bronze), that just blends in with the cabinets. Hardware is like jewelry for your cabinets, and you don't always want to wear jewelry that just fades into the background, do you? So we're kicking those up a notch with some chrome cup pulls on the drawers and some sort of blue knobs on the doors.

One major renovation taking place is the removal of the wine hutch. This cabinet was just taking up space in my mom's kitchen, since she's not a big wine drinker. There was also a small sink here, just feet from the main sink. To me, it didn't really make sense. That has been removed, and in its place will be a custom coffee bar, complete with a pot-filler faucet to keep the tank of her Keurig full conveniently, and drawers built for k-cups. This will be painted white.

After talking with her builder, he just happened to have some time to quickly fit in her kitchen while we were in Alaska. It's not complete just yet, but I'm amazed at how much they got done in a little more than a week! I can't wait to show you all the full reveal. Anytime I'm there we stand in the kitchen and say how much we love it. :) ...and it's still under construction!

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  1. Wondering why you prefer quartz to granite since I will soon have to make that choice...laminate, quartz or granite. Also a Keurig drawer for coffee is a great idea. I divide my flavors with cardboard strips from the sides of pizza boxes. That works but...did you use wood dividers?

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