A Bedroom Fit for a Superhero

When we moved Matt into his "big boy" room almost 3 years ago (wait, what?!) we were going for a hockey theme. Somehow it didn't all pan out as I imagined. The one cool thing we did was take dad's broken hockey sticks and made drawer pulls out of them for his built-in dresser. And besides a few framed prints of hockey apparel and some pucks he got from a Griffin's game, that was all...

So fast forward now 2 years later, and he has this Spiderman birthday party (he's never seen any movies, and just got a book for his birthday), because it seems like at some point, every little boy thinks superheros are the coolest! Well I never imagined I would encourage a Spiderman bedroom, but this boy's in love with the web-slinger, and his walls are already painted with a red, white and blue stripe that would kinda go with this theme.

As I mentioned last week, we're getting ready to move Ty into his big boy bedroom, and we need Matt's twin bed. Well, not really, but we need a queen bed somewhere in our house to sleep guests. So we're doing a switcheroo and giving Matt the queen bed, and Ty will have Matt's twin for now with a trundle underneath for Matt when guests are sleeping in his room.

Since this switch meant that Matt would need bigger bedding, I decided to lock down a theme for his room, and we landed on Spiderman, after consulting with the dweller of the space. He's pretty pumped, and thinks that this inspiration board is fantastic! I mean, who wouldn't want to sleep on Spiderman sheets??

 It kinda looks like a hot mess with all of the Spiderman paraphernalia, but those signs are small in comparison to the space, so it will be just fine! Like I said, his room is already painted with a tri-colored stripe running around it as pictured above, and the colors work. I won't be painted over those. They were truly a nesting moment, while I was pregnant with Ty and feeling the need to give Matt a really cool room! They were a labor (see that?) of love that took me longer than birthing a child. ;)

Of course he needed some cool new Spiderman sheets, courtesy of Pottery Barn Kids to kick start this process. As much as I sort of wanted the coordinating quilt they offer, I just felt that $230 was a bit too much to spend on something that he will surely outgrow before the quilt unravels. Instead I picked up this less expensive option that can transition with him forever from Target:

There's no giant Spiderman crawling on it, but it reminded me of webs, and Matt likes it, so it's all good! It's quite thin, but the boy sweats when he sleeps, so I'm not concerned. If he complains he's cold in the winter, we'll throw another blanket under this quilt for warmth. I'm thinking a red bed skirt would work well here, but I need to see what we do with the bed frame and headboard before I go ahead and order that.

On either side of the bed, I would love to make these sconces. I already have two of the cage lights by Threshold from Target, so I just need a couple of IKEA brackets to hold them up. And speaking of IKEA, this rug and these curtains are the pop of red this room needs. I love that the curtains are block-out! They'll go well with his block-out shade. Yup, my kids sleep in dark caves... but they sleep well! ;)

Somewhere I would like a cityscape in his room, and it looks like something I could paint myself. There's a small wall under his name that might be the spot, or possibly on his cork board. Either way the cork board needs some love.

As for artwork: the 4 decorative pieces are actually vintage tin signs I ordered from Amazon, and they're about 12x16, so not annoyingly large. The poster pictured by the curtains is a little larger (16X32), but it was $2, so I couldn't pass it up, and I like its simple Art Deco styling. I'll be making a sign or two for his room. I love the big brother signs, and of course we'll have to incorporate Spiderman's phrase: "With great power comes great responsibility".

He has a chair in his room that we brought up from the living room a few years ago. It's comfortable, but needs a slipcover, if you ask me. That might be a winter project. I suggested bringing his anywhere chair upstairs, but he said he likes to sit in it to watch movies in the basement. Funny... he's always on the couch next to me when we watch movies...

We're excited to get started! I told him as soon as his sheets are delivered, we can move the bed in and get it set up, so that might be as early as this weekend. This won't require much work, just hanging the signs and once I find time to run to IKEA (let's be honest, I need at least a day!), then I'll be able to unroll the rug and hang the curtains.

Until next time... whenever that may be. yesiknowimaninconsistantblogger

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