The Table is In!

Welp, it's finally finished!

I made this table way harder than it should have been, and in the future I will be able to complete a table way quicker.

The trouble with this table was that it had to be built in our garage (and by ours, I mean my husband's side, he was thrilled... thrilled to have his garage back!) and installed at our cottage in pieces, so I couldn't assemble it and then paint and stain it.  The top alone weighs around 100 lbs, give or take.

I do love how it turned out though!

Because of the natural hickory floor and stained pine ceiling at the cottage, I chose a driftwood stain. To achieve this color I used a mix of Rustoleum Kona and Driftwood stains. Everyone's idea of driftwood seems to be different, but I took a piece that I found on the beach in Grand Haven and matched as close as I could to that, creating a very rich gray-brown. 

I love a good contrast, so the off-white legs that match the kitchen cabinets are just what this table needed to create a harmonious balance of light and dark. I lightly distressed them and put several coats of poly-crylic over all of it. I'm hoping that because it boasts a more rustic finish, that the inevitable dings will not show as much.

I was hoping that the two wicker chairs I got off Craigs List would be tall enough to act as captains chairs, but they look ridiculously small in comparison to the red wooden chairs. Placing them in the middle seems to work just fine though. 

The best part about this table being finished is that my husband actually said several times that he wants me to make another table. I was shocked! I really thought this was my last adventure in woodworking for at least 25 years. 

Looks like I might be making a headboard and a day bed for my boys after all! ;)


  1. So glad to see you post this project! How did you paint the red chairs? Spray paint?

    1. I did spray paint them with a Valspar paint and primer that went on really nice! Because of the turned legs, I didn't really want to brush paint on. I put a few coats of furniture wax on top to protect the paint after.