Hi! I’m Lindsey, a stay-at-home mom of two young boys, a wife to one busy salesman, and a constant “nester”.  I’ve earned my BFA in Interior Design from Kendall College of Art & Design, and in my not so distant past I was an Interior Designer working for a private firm and a couple of furniture stores. While at work I completed projects for both residential and commercial spaces, as well as maintained the merchandise and layout of two family-owned furniture stores. I enjoyed what I did and had planned to continue working… that was until I held my first baby boy in my arms. It took me 11 weeks to tell my employers I wouldn’t be returning (talk about patient and understanding people!!), and from that day on I began to really make this house our home.
Ever since I can remember I’ve been painting and repainting the rooms of whatever house I lived in. For a long time, that was my mom’s house, and for whatever reason because she always encouraged me, I constantly rearranged furniture throughout the house, painting just about every room, and accessorized where I felt necessary. Thanks mom, for letting my creativity blossom!
Next came my then-boyfriend’s house. He bought a fixer-upper that we painted, sanded down the hardwood floors and refinished, purchased new furniture, and spruced up with artwork, window treatments, and all that homey stuff! That boyfriend soon became my husband, and not so long after out wedding we found our forever home.

Our current home was move-in ready, if only we were 70-something years old…. So I got to work again, and began by painting every room in our home. My husband will admit he did not so much as touch a paint brush, until I became pregnant. I still painted with no-VOC paint, mainly because I couldn’t stay away, but climbing an extension ladder at 7 months pregnant in our two-story stairway, just wasn’t smart! So he did that area… but I’ll probably repaint it again soon! 
We’ve done a lot of work ourselves, but have also known when to call in the pros.  Our kitchen and basement remodels were bigger than we could handle with a 1 year old, and then a 20 month old, and again pregnant momma walking around! When I would tell my friends and family about our current projects, I would say “I’m just nesting!” because they just so happened to correspond with a pregnancy.  They would just laugh and say “You’re always nesting!”
Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy this journey of making a house our home, through design, organization, ventures in the kitchen, and crafts with the kiddos!

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