Watercolor Inspired Spring Mantel

Well it's finally feeling like Spring here! 

After a beautiful weekend reaching into the 70's, we had another round of snow on Tuesday, leaving everything covered in ice topped with inches of snow. 


BUT that meant I had a little more time to play around with the shelves in our dining room that I call my mantel. 

When I blogged about my fall mantel, I explained how we have two fireplaces and no mantels... weird. So I whipped up a couple cafe shelves, and now I have a spot to decorate seasonally. 

Funny story about those shelves: I had been wanting to make them for a year or so, but I didn't have an air compressed nail gun. After our second son was born at the end of March, I told my husband that for Mother's Day I really wanted an air compressor with a nail gun and paint sprayer. So on Mother's Day morning we set out to Home Depot, my boys and me, and I got me an air compressor. I'm sure the employees were thinking, "Poor lady. Her husband dragged her, her 6 week old baby and 2 year old son to Home Depot on Mother's Day!" Little did they know...

ANYWAY! I had planned to make these lovely little coffee filter flowers, but after I dyed a couple dozen coffee filters, I thought maybe a wreath would be a nice focal point on the mantel. So that's what I did.

These sweet little cards are from my 30th Birthday! Yep... it's the beginning of a new decade. 

We celebrated with friends on Friday at a local brewery with amazing locally sourced food; appropriate since we live in Beer City USA. Then on Saturday we traveled down to my husband's sister's house to celebrate the 4 April birthdays on my in-law's side. I don't know about you, but April is BY FAR the busiest month for birthdays for us. I personally know 12 people whose birthdays are between the 9th and the 13th. 4th of July must have been fun! ;)

I made this colorful sign on a piece of scrap wood using the pencil transfer method and some acrylics. I love how it turned out! It's a nod to my favorite song in "The Sound of Music", "Edelweiss".

The colorful painting was done by my not quite 4 year old. I love that my boys love to do arts and crafts! His forte right now seems to be cutting, but he really enjoys different methods of painting, and our newest is watercolor. So I used a buy one get one free frame that I picked up at Michael's last weekend. I got 2 good size frames for $21! Awesome!

He also painted this wooden bird two years ago for Mother's Day. It's been a staple in my Spring decor ever since! I decided to put it inside a bird cage I picked up at a new store in our area "At Home". It's pretty much a warehouse full of anything you could dream of for your house, and the largest selection of outdoor cushions I have ever seen in one place! 

So that's it! 

Have you started decorating for Spring?

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