We're Half Way There...

"Woooah! Livin' on a prayer!" And you better believe it. I finished two of the four doors for the built-ins in the living room, and thanks to the awful weather we've been having, I wasn't rushed to get it all done because no one ended up coming for dinner on Saturday. However, even if it was sunny and 75, there's no way I would have gotten the other two doors done.

I have a major road block, and I'm not sure how to move past it. There is nothing square about the opening under the TV, which makes building new doors for it very difficult. So, while this project isn't complete, I have a before and half-after for you that I'm excited about!

I'm really happy with how these two doors turned out. My husband's happy that they are no longer bi-fold, and that makes a cleaner look.
I have a little sanding to do between the doors, and if Winter ever ends (we'll have snow here until July) I'll spray a top coat on and maybe some poly, too. But for now I'm enjoying the new style... and try to figure out how in the world I'm going to make doors for the other side. I WILL finish this before I go on to the bathroom.
Oh wait... I already started staining the legs. Shoot!

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