Design Board: Colorful Cottage Dining Room

I've been busy scouring thrift shops and Craig's List for the right dining chairs to pair with the Farmhouse dining table that's currently in progress in our garage. Right away I found a couple of simple wicker parsons chairs for $40, and just last night I found a set of 6 wooden chairs that were originally purchased from World Market for sale at $15 each. 8 sturdy chairs for around $100 sounds good to me!

So here's the plan:

Here's the problem:
I have 5 colors and 8 chairs. In my very particular mind, there is a great need to eliminate one color, so that two chairs can be painted one of each color. I'm thinking the orange has to go. The color is great, but it's the easiest to remove and still keep the colorful look I'm trying to achieve here. Maybe it has a place somewhere else in the future. As a centerpiece on the table, or maybe in artwork on the walls. Only time will tell.

So instead of going on, I'm going to get back to building the table and refinishing the chairs. Building the table is going smooth so far, and it's fairly quick. Painting and staining everything will be time consuming, but well worth it in the end. I can't wait to see it all complete!

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