"Sweet Annie"

Why are a lot of my posts titled with song names? I'm a little corny, I suppose.

But this one is special, because it's more than just the name of a song, it's the name of our new puppy!

Annie is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and she is super sweet! But she's been keeping us a little busier than usual (as if two little boys doesn't keep me busy enough...). I thought for a few days she had this potty training business down, but once it started to snow again and now rain, that went out the window. Her bladder must be the size of a pea...

Anyway, she's also been sleeping with us because I was worried about her yelping waking up our boys. However, I suck at "co-sleeping", that's been confirmed. And the fact that she prefers to sleep on my head doesn't make it any easier. But she's still sweet!

The boys are also in love with her, and she's helped to get us out of this horrible winter rut we seem to be stuck in with record snow fall here in Michigan. 

In house news - the tile in the entry, laundry room and half-bathroom has been ripped out, or should I say taken out by hand, because they were that loose. Most of the tile were just sitting on the underlayment, which is weird. But, new cement board is being installed as I type.

I successfully built the vanity this past weekend. It's stained, polyed (that's not a word...) and ready for a top, as soon as I make up my mind. Well, my mind would be made up if money were no object. Hmph, we'll see.

So, as soon as the tile is installed, we'll place the vanity, template for counter tops, and hopefully have our half-bathroom back in business in about a week! That's not before I finish the plank wall, prime it a few times, paint it a few times and poly it a few more times. Let's hope this coming weekend is productive!

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