I Heart Photoshop & Navy Blue

So I painted.

I painted our living room navy blue... and I love it! There was a little hesitation after the first coat, due to lack of day light, but once the sun was shining, I was thrilled with the new deep tone of this room. As soon as I can remember the name of this paint color I'll fill you all in. I know it's a Benjamin Moore, but it's also a left-over from Matt's "big boy room".

Take a look at the before. Again, still pretty, but I was ready for change. Looking back, the artwork is too small, the pillows don't have quite the contrast that I enjoy, and something about the lamp just isn't right. But this room did make me happy for 5 years, and that's all that matters!

So check out the progress:
I love it so far! It has the contrast, vibrant & new pillows, and a fun lamp. I shopped our house and stole the lamp from our entry table. The color is great, and the shade has a nice texture. The old black lamp doesn't look too shabby in its place, but will probably get a make over in the future.

Does this shot look familiar at all? Sort of....

I've got more plans, and lots to work on! Of course that beautiful navy wall can't stay bare for long. I'm already building a couple of picture ledges, and I just completed some quick DIY artwork for cheap! We also have a recessed light fixture over the corner of the sectional. The light it gives off is very minimal, and the look of it is very... well, 60's. I would love to bring the light down and make it brighter over there.

Here's why I love Photoshop:

This fabulous program allows me to put my thoughts on the screen before making them final. I'm going for a mixture of family photos, artwork, and some of my photography (which I enjoy strictly as a hobby!) and a homemade sign or two.

I can't wait to wrap it up! Stay tuned....

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  1. Hi! I came over from Work it Wednesday and love the changes! The blue wall is beautiful!

  2. I love this! I just painted a wall in my living room a similar blue and I'm really happy with the results! Now I'm thinking of using blue in my master bedroom! I love your idea of using photoshop to "preview" a project before doing any work. Brilliant! I'm stopping by from Work It Wednesday!

    1. Thank you Carrie! Isn't it funny how when you use a color you really like, you want to keep using it?? Good luck with your projects, and thanks for stopping by.