BIG Mistake! Big! HUGE!

Anyone else out there a fan of Pretty Woman? I probably watched it way before I was supposed to, and I really had no clue what it was about. Well, now I know, and it's one of my favorite movies!

 But unfortunately, I was the one who made the big mistake... I thought it'd be a great idea to free up some space on my hard drive and delete some unwanted programs. I had downloaded a new sample version of Photoshop about 6 months ago, and after it expired (two weeks later) I never got rid of it. Well somehow in my "clean house rant" I accidentally deleted my full version of Photoshop. Ya know, the one I paid about $500 for when I was in college? Well now apparently that version is too old to be reinstalled on my current operating system, which makes no sense to me, because it was on here before. But that's what the techies tell me, and I guess I have no choice to believe them since I'm not schooled in this sort of thing.

That's why you haven't heard from me lately, and I'm truly sorry!   I've been working on projects to show you all, but I have limited means of editing the photos and adding text to ensure that someone out there doesn't steal my photos. Again, that's what people say is happening, but not to me. I'm not a big blogger... YET! ;)

I plan to put together a TO DO list for our house shortly. We have lots of projects on the drawing board, so I'll make my list and check it twice, and maybe add some eye-candy inspirational photos along with it. In the mean time, you can just watch the above video over and over, as I have been doing while typing this. Or maybe browse so old blog entries...

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