Our Favorite Granola & Kids in the Kitchen

One thing I looked forward to when I became a mom was eventually being able to cook and bake with my kiddos. I consider myself lucky to have a 3 year old who has loved helping in the kitchen since before he was 18 months. One of his first words was "hot". We would always tell him that the pots on the stove were "hot", and never to touch them. Somehow, over time, he started calling ALL pots and pans "hot pots". Truth be told, I still call them hot pots, even though he now has specific names for each one (the pancake hot pot, the "Unca Ed" hot pot, etc.).  

This is a great recipe to get kids started in the kitchen! If you measure everything out, they can just pour it in and start mixing. I believe that helping in the kitchen, along with our garden, has encouraged our kiddos to eat a variety of foods. It gives them a great sense of pride and ownership.

This granola recipe is one I know like the back of my hand. We make it often! It's a yummy breakfast option in milk or yogurt, or just a great snack. I started making it 3 years ago, and haven't really changed up the recipe too much. Occasionally I'll throw in some chia seeds or flax seeds, but that's about it. This is where my love for coconut oil started! It's evolved into a healthy obsession. ;) 

 We hope you enjoy your finished product, and share this simple recipe!

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